CC 4/4 Rotary Tuba ‘Mahler’ – TC470

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  • CC 4/4 Rotary Tuba ‘Mahler’ – TC470
  • CC 4/4 Rotary Tuba ‘Mahler’ – TC470
  • CC 4/4 Rotary Tuba ‘Mahler’ – TC470
  • CC 4/4 Rotary Tuba ‘Mahler’ – TC470
  • CC 4/4 Rotary Tuba ‘Mahler’ – TC470
  • CC 4/4 Rotary Tuba ‘Mahler’ – TC470
  • CC 4/4 Rotary Tuba ‘Mahler’ – TC470
  • CC 4/4 Rotary Tuba ‘Mahler’ – TC470

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Lacquer expected into stock April 2021, Silver will be available in September 2021

The 'Mahler' is a tuba which plays exceptionally well - its intonation is about as near perfect as possible. Based on a classic German design, the 'Mahler' has a richer tone and outperforms the tuba which it is based on. This is a 'must check-out' tuba if you are looking for a 4/4 CC for orchestra or band.

This tuba is also better than similar tubas from other companies in at it is built to last with robust nickel valve linkage, removable Z-valves for easy maintenance, nickel silver leadpipe to be rot resistant - and like all Wessex produced with care including triple polishing, double thickness silver-plating - and quality assured by Wessex team at factory before accepting. 


  • Key: C
  • Bell: 16.75” (425mm)
  • Bore: 0.77″ (19.5 mm )
  • Height: 39⅓" (999mm)
  • 5 rotary valves, with 5th flat one step

Special Features

  1. Gold brass bell and leadpipe
  2. All nickel silver slides
  3. Robust nickel silver rotary valve linkage
  4. Nickel strengthening plates
  5. Nickel leadpipe
  6. Removable Z-valves
  7. 3rd slide pull ring
  8. Hardened bell for improved response and projection
  9. Smaller 16¾" diameter bell that equivalent tuba from other brands for more focused tone
  10. Molded ABS case with latches and robust wheels
  11. Wessex HB mouthpiece

The Gig bag for this tuba is B410.  Ordering an available gig bag, together with your instrument, will save you shipping costs!

Note : The mouthpiece supplied with this instrument is silver and not gold as pictured.

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