Bb/F Wagner Tuba – FH250

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  • An image of a Bb/F Wagner Tuba from Wessex Tubas
  • A close up image showing the detail in the tubing and valves of a Bb/F Wagner Tuba from Wessex Tubas
  • An image of a lightweight, foambody case for a Bb/F Wagner Tuba from Wessex Tubas
  • Bb/F Wagner Tuba – FH250

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This is a double Wagner tuba to play in Bb or F with a gorgeous tone and surprisingly good intonation ideal for playing Wagner, Bruckner, Richard Strauss, Stravinsky and more. Now orchestral horn players can afford to have a Wagner tuba of their own!


  • Key F/Bb
  • Bore: 0.47” (11.89mm)
  • Bell: 10.08“ (256mm)

Special Features

  1. Mechanical linkage (unlike equivalent from other brands)
  2. Gold brass bell and body
  3. Rose brass leadpipe
  4. Reversible 4th valve to play in F or Bb open
  5. Fitted with extra water keys
  6. Lightweight foambody case

Note : The mouthpiece supplied with this instrument is silver and not gold as pictured.


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