BBb Helicon – HB24

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  • BBb Helicon – HB24
  • BBb Helicon – HB24
  • BBb Helicon – HB24
  • BBb Helicon – HB24
  • BBb Helicon – HB24
  • BBb Helicon – HB24
  • BBb Helicon – HB24
  • BBb Helicon – HB24
  • BBb Helicon – HB24

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The helicon was the most popular design of tuba for military and marching bands in the 19th century, and trying the new helicon it is easy to see why they were the preferred marching tuba in the past. These are much better balanced and easier to carry than either a regular tuba, or sousaphone. Now Wessex has resurrected in modern form, incorporating later advances from the sousaphone to make a helicon for the modern age. The new Wessex BBb helicon has 4 valves to cover the whole range and bell throat of 5/4 tuba proportions for a rich full tone.


  • Bore: 18.5mm (0.728")
  • Bell: 508mm (20")
  • Weight of helicon: 11.7kg (25lb 12oz)
  • 3 Valve version: 10.7Kg. (23lb 6oz)
Special Features
  1. Stainless steel valves with nylon guides for quiet reliable action
  2. Perfectly balanced with valves in optimal position for comfort
  3. Removable bell for easy transportation
  4. Supplied with mouthpiece and ABS shell case
  5. Manufactured from 0.9mm brass for strength and durability
  6. Hardened bell for greater resonance
  7. 1st slide made for easy adjustment while playing
  8. Open wrap 4th valve loop (going around entire bow) for open low register
  9. Long main tuning slide for extreme temperature variations playing
Fits in regular sousaphone gig bag

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