BBb Removable Bell Tuba ‘XL’ – TB576

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  • BBb Removable Bell Tuba ‘XL’ – TB576
  • BBb Removable Bell Tuba ‘XL’ – TB576
  • BBb Removable Bell Tuba ‘XL’ – TB576

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Evoking the beautiful bell front tubas once popular in America, the XL has been brought right up-to-date with five silent rotary valves to play modern music. It is ideal for outdoor gigs or any situations where a greater tuba projection is desired. An upright bell is available to fit making this a true all purpose tuba.


  • Two bells - 22" (520mm) removable forward facing bell and 19" (480mm) upright bell
  • Bore: 0.767" (19.5mm)
  • Weight: 28lb (12.75kg) with upright bell
  • Height: 42.5" (1080mm) with upright bell, or 46" (1170mm) with forward bell

Special Features

  1. All nickel silver slides
  2. Supplied in two cases

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