Special order: BBb Sousaphone – SP23

$3,900.00 USD

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  • Special order: BBb Sousaphone – SP23
  • Special order: BBb Sousaphone – SP23
  • Special order: BBb Sousaphone – SP23

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Special Order with deposit - delivery 6-8 months

Based on the classic design of the American sousaphone, the SP23 is a superb playing 3-valve BBb sousaphone with rich, broad tone.

Dramatic to see, as well as impressive to hear - it is ideal for any band on parade.


  • Bore: 0.73" (18.5mm)
  • Bell: 24" (610mm)
  • Weight: 27.5 lb (12.5kg)

Special Features

  1. Hardened bell
  2. Heavy bell collar
  3. Stainless steel valves with re-inforced nylon guide for smooth trouble free valve action
  4. Nickel inner and outer slides
  5. Available with either easy stack square wooden case, or lightweight ABS case

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