Front-piston F Tuba ‘California-Solo’ - TF555 HP

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  • Front-piston F Tuba ‘California-Solo’ - TF555 HP
  • Front-piston F Tuba ‘California-Solo’ - TF555 HP
  • Front-piston F Tuba ‘California-Solo’ - TF555 HP
  • Front-piston F Tuba ‘California-Solo’ - TF555 HP

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The California-Solo is a large front-piston American style F tuba ideal for playing in orchestra, in brass quintet, or for solo use with a full rich and clear tone and good response across all registers. 

The TF555HP is all hand-made instrument, using hand-hammered sheet brass in the Wessex own high-grade workshop, for a lightweight and really responsive tuba. Every one is carefully individually quality checked and play tested by a professional to ensure it is a pleasure for whoever becomes its eventual owner. 

The California-Solo is an F tuba which will be equally suitable for use by a top professional tuba player, or an advanced student.


  • Key: F
  • Size: 6/4
  • Bell: 15" (380mm)
  • Bore, valves 1-3: 0.75” (19mm)
  • Bore 4th valve: 0.79” (20mm)
  • Bore 5th valve: 0.83” (21mm)

Special Features

  1. Original Wessex design by Chuck Nickles
  2. All handmade and also hand-hammered
  3. In Gold lacquered or triple bright silver-plated finishes
  4. Stainless steel valves
  5. Large bore for easy low register
  6. Nickel leadpipe and slides
  7. Supplied with robust ABS wheeled case and mouthpiece
  8. Supplied with two main tuning slides or alternative length to easily play from A = 439 Hz to A = 443 Hz in different situations

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